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solar in london?

… well, I just saw a lot of solar panels near Stansted …

For decades I have been dreaming to come to live in London from the continent so that now that Brexit is approaching – I am writing these on October 11th 2019 – finally here I am.

As I want to stay any job will do although recently I have been studying to design and size solar projects. As I was landing in Stansted I just saw a big solar farm so maybe I have not come to the wrong place.

If you are reading this and you may have a job for me in London or England – even if it is not related to Excel files and PVsyst and PVGIS- I would be delighted to hearing from you. Maybe I could work as a receptionist at your hostel, if you wish. German, French and Spanish also spoken. Or be at your shop. Oh, why not, just be your cleaner. Just a start …


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